Featured Wish

Glorious's Wish

Glorious is a precious and beautiful seven year old who wanted a shopping spree as her wish.  We traveled up to her home in Tallulah and had a limousine pick up her, her mom and dad, and us to travel into Vicksburg for the wish.

Her first stop was at Hibbetts Sports for shoes, shoes and more shoes.  She would have made Imelda Marcos jealous.  While I thought I should direct her to the kids section of the store, the salesperson let us know in no uncertain terms, “Glorious knew where that section was!”  I guess she had done some window shopping before our visit??

We then moved over to the Rainbow store for needed clothes selections made by mom, Ashley.  But, we learned from Glorious how to reach the highest racks with an extension pole.  And, we also learned that a purse accessory was a desired purchase.

Then off to lunch to regain energy for continued shopping.  Did you know the best cheese grits in Vicksburg are at Waffle House?  Well, just ask Glorious.Walmart shoppers, there was a Glorious shopper in ALL aisles!  She and her mom picked out a Halloween costume for school, a bike, an electric scooter, and more clothes. Best of all, she picked out matching Grinch pajamas for mom, dad and her brother.

The limo could barely hold all of the purchases as we traveled back home watching Glorious dance in her seat to the music on the car stereo.

A fun and exhausting day of shopping with the ever glorious, Glorious.

Wishes Granted

Time is something that most of us take for granted in our daily lives. But for a critically-ill child time is something extremely precious.

Take a look at some of the wishes we have recently helped make come true for our Louisiana children.