Every Little Bit Help Grant Wishes to Louisiana Children

A Child’s Wish is able to grant wishes based solely on the generosity of our Genies and sponsors. Our organization relies exclusively on private funding to help fulfill the dreams of each child. We welcome any level of support you can give whether it’s a one-time gift or a regular monthly donation. Potential sponsors may download our Sponsorship Letter to find out more.

Other ways to donate:

  • Donate by phone – call us today at 504-367-WISH
  • Donate by Mail – reach us by mail at our corporate address.
  • Non-cash gifts – we accept many items such as computers, travel vouchers, etc that can be used as gifts for our children.

Membership levels:

  • Student $5
    Any full time student
  • Individual $15
    Any single membership
  • Family $25
    Husband, wife and children, living at home, one address
  • Sustained $100
    Those wishing to donate more than individual dues, possibly other clubs, etc.
  • Corporate/Professional $500
    With named member representative
  • Lifetime $1,000
    Paid within one calendar year and exempt from further dues.

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