Kristen's Wish

Kristen's wish was to attend a Wiggles concert at the Saenger Theater and to personally meet the unique and dynamic musical group.  A Childs Wish coordinated the wish and was able to set it up through the production company.   They even provided Kristen with tickets to go to the second performance the same day.

When she arrived at the concert, the Wiggles dressing room was upstairs and Kristen was in a wheelchair.  So members of the security staff came downstairs and carried Kristen and her wheelchair up the stairs to meet the group.  During the concert the Wiggles came down to her seat and sang to her.  Kristen was able to see her dream come true in a very special way thanks to a lot of special people.

To complete her wish, Kristen thoroughly enjoyed a visit to the Aquarium of the Americas, the Imax Theater, the Children's Museum and the Audubon Zoo.

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